Water activities for lessons


This activity was a part of a Learning/Teachning/Training programme in Czechia where students worked in mixed groups, prepared and presented various water experiments according to the worksheets. All materials were created according to partner teachersĀ“ideas.

The worksheets:

Worksheet 1 _Drinking seawater.doc
Worksheet 2 _Hot water expansion.doc
Worksheet 3 _Using a soap.doc
Worksheet 4 _Floating on the water.doc
Worksheet 5 _Water snails.doc
Worksheet 6 _Orange water.doc
Worksheet 7 _Water geysers.doc
Worksheet 8 _Making a bubble blower.doc
Worksheet 9 _Walking water.doc
Worksheet 10 _Volcanic eruptions.doc
Worksheet 11 _Dirty water filtration.doc
Worksheet 12 Water coctails.doc